Welcome to shaderunit.org!
Juho-Matti Rautiainen aka Shader Unit is trance producer from Finland. Most of his production is melodic trance but he also produces chill under his other alias 'Synthetic Spirit'. You can find more information from the biography and you can download tunes and mixtapes from the discography.

12.2.2o17 - Silicon Dreams released!
Silicon Dreams is now available from Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer and Youtube.
3.2.2o17 - New track coming up soon
After a really long break I finally got something ready! A track called Silicon Dreams will be available soon on Spotify, iTunes, etc..
9.7.2oo8 - New remix available
I've made a remix of Lowland & Orkideas beautiful tune called Masochrist. You can download it here.